Brown Sugar worth Rs 1 crore seized in Bhubaneswar


By Our Correspondent

BHUBANESWAR: Odisha Police STF has seized 1.749 kilogram of brown sugar worth Rs 1 crore and arrested three youths on charge of trading the contraband items. STF Chief Soumendra Kumar Priyadarshi led the Operations.

The seizure was made from a place located in the tri-junction of Pipli, Airfield and Jatni police stations spread over Khurda and Puri districts.

DGP Abhay said STF in last 2 months has seized over 4 kgs of brown sugar due to regular crackdown on brown sugar trade in the state.

Police sources said that while only 541 grams of brown suhgar was seized in 2016, the amount was 1.782 kg in 2017, 635 grams in 2018 and 2.560 kg in 2019.


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