Officials visit Paradip-Haridaspur rail project site in Kendrapara


By Our Correspondent

KENDRAPARA/BHUBANESWAR: Top Railways and Odisha Government officials are closely monitoring the situation and probe has been ordered to find out the exact reason behind damaged , sources said on Friday while referring to an under-construction railway line of new Paradip-Haridaspur rail project after caved in near canal bridge in Marshaghai area of Kendrapara district.

According to sources, the incident is believed to have occurred between the timeline of wee hours and early morning. The railway line caved in into at least 100-meters, sources said.

Though no casualties were reported, houses of nearly three families near the railway line were damaged under the impact of the collapse.

While local administration is yet to reach the spot, locals expressed resentment over the incident. Meanwhile, the owners of the houses also were distressed over losing their house and bearing the damage that will eventually lead to the financial burden, sources said.


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