PM assures Parliament that CAA will not affect any Indian Citizen

**EDS: TV GRAB** New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks in the Lok Sabha during the 'Motion of Thanks on President's Address', at Parliament in New Delhi, Tuesday, June 25, 2109. (LSTV/PTI Photo) (PTI6_25_2019_000137A)

By Press Information Bureau

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday replied to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address.Dwelling on length at the Citizenship Amendment Act, the Prime Minister assured the House that no citizen of India would be affected by it.

The Prime Minister in his speech referred to the thought process of the previous Governments which were on the same lines.PM Modi quoted the first Prime Minister of India Pt Jawaharlal Nehru who favoured amending the law, if required, to ensure that minority refugees from neighbouring countries be granted protection by India.

Prime Minister said that certain political parties are furthering Pakistan’s agenda of divisiveness in India and assured the Lok Sabha that the CAA is not going to affect any Indian Citizen.

“I want to clarify that there will be no impact on any citizen of India, whatever be their faith/religion, owing to the implementation of the CAA”, he said.

Prime Minister said that the abrogation of the Article 370 has led to the complete integration of Jammu & Kashmir with the rest of the country. Modi was  replying in the Lok Sabha to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address.

Prime Minister described Jammu and Kashmir as the Crown of India and that the real identity of J&K is its Egalitarian attitude towards all faiths and its Sufi Tradition.

Prime Minister said that the region cannot be left behind and only referred to as one that it is ridden with Guns, Bombs, Terror and Separatism.

Referring to the 19th January 1990, Prime Minister said several people had to lose their identity as they had been evicted from J&K.

In his long reply, the Prime Minister dwelt at length the situation plaguing the region and said that the Article 370 of the Constitution was abrogated with full faith in people of J&K and that the development of the region is at a great speed.

Prime Minister said the restrictions imposed on the region are being removed and that the Union Ministers are going to various of parts of the UT and getting direct feed back from the people and that the Government would definitely act upon the feedback.

Prime Minister said that his Government is committed to work for the welfare of the people of J&K and for its all round development.Prime Minister said that Ladakh would be developed as a Carbon Neutral Union Territory.

The PM said that the North East is no more a neglected region.He said thanks to the efforts of the Government work has been done in several sectors and that today the North East is a major growth engine of the country.“People in the North East now do not feel that Delhi is a distant place. Now the government is at their door step. Our Ministers and officials are regularly visiting the region”, he said.

Prime Minister said his Government worked on providing electricity, railway connectivity, mobile connectivity and various other aspects of development of the region.Referring to the recently signed Bodo Accord, the Prime Minister said that it had been done by bringing on all stakeholders together with a sincere effort to resolve the decades old crisis.

Prime Minister said that mere procrastination of the issue resulted in the deaths of atleast 40000 people in the decades old unrest.“However this time we have brought all the stakeholders together and the accord is clear that there are no more pending issues of the crisis” he said.

Meanwhile, replying to the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address in Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that President Ram Nath Kovind’s address instills a spirit of hope and it presents a roadmap for taking the nation ahead in the times to come.

“His address comes at a time when we enter the third decade of the century. Rashtrapati Ji’s address instils a spirit of hope and it presents a roadmap for taking the nation ahead in the times to come”, PM said.

Prime Minister said that now people of the country are not ready to wait. They want Speed ​​and Scale, Determination and Decisiveness, Sensitivity and Solution. Our Government has worked at a fast pace and the result is that in five years 37 million people have bank account, 11 million people have toilets in their home, 13 million people have cooking gas in their homes. Today dream of 2 crore people to have a  home of their own is realised. Long wait to own a home has ended for 40 lakh people in over 1700 illegal colonies of Delhi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that increasing the farmer’s income is our priority. The issues of higher MSP, crop insurance and irrigation related schemes were pending for decades. We raised the MSP to one and half times and spent one lakh crore rupees spent to complete the stalled irrigation projects.

“More than five and a half crores of farmers joined the Pradhan Mantri Crop Insurance Scheme; farmers were paid a premium of thirteen and a half crore rupees, insurance claims of more than 56 thousand crores are settled”, PM added. Modi said that the agriculture budget has risen five times during the government’s tenure. “PM-KISAN Samman Yojana is transforming the lives of many farmers. A sum of Rs 45,000 Crores have been transferred and several farmers have benefitted due to this. In this scheme there are no middlemen and no extra file-work,” he said.

Modi in Lok Sabha said that his government has kept the fiscal deficit in check. “Price rise is also under check and there is macro-economic stability,” he added.Modi dwelt on the many steps taken by the Government to increase the confidence of investors and strengthen the economy of the country.

“We have taken many initiatives in: Industry Irrigation Social infra Rural infra Ports Water ways”, he said.“Stand up India and Mudra are adding prosperity in the lives of many. Substantial number of the Mudra beneficiaries are women.  Under Mudra Yojana loans more than 22 crore rupees have been approved benefitting crores of youth.”

“Government is working on labour reforms and that too after consulting the labour unions”, Prime Minister added.Prime Minister said, “For us infrastructure is a combination of aspirations and achievements, about connecting people to their dreams, people’s creativity to consumers. Infrastructure is connecting a child to her school, a farmer to the market, a businessman to his customers. It is about connecting people to people.”

Dwelling further on the subject the Prime Minister said that among the things that will drive India’s progress is next-generation infrastructure.“In the earlier days, infrastructure creation brought “economic opportunities” for a select few. Not any more. We have made this sector transparent and are working to boost connectivity”, he saidIn the coming days we are going to invest over Rs 100 Lakh Crore in the Infrastructure Sector and this would boost growth, economy and employment”, he said.


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