Sandy tribute to Netaji on his Birth Anniversary on Puri Beach


By Our Correspondent

PURI: International sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo has made a sand art of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on the occasion of Netaji Jayanti on the sea beach of Puri. Netaji is the only Indian fearing whom Britishers were compelled to fled India.

Netaji who had given the taste of freedom to its people by struggling for the freedom of our nation and on this occasion of our beloved Nataji’s Jayanti, International sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo pays a heartfelt homage by making a sand art of Netaji at the Manas Sahoo Sand Art Park situated at the Light House golden sea beach of Puri.

In this sand art Sahoo along with the national flag of India has inscribed the story of valor of Netaji. This sand art is of 20 feet in width and it too nearly seven hours to finish it. Some twenty tonnes of sand is used to make it. 


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