ABC (Dogs) programme exposed after killing of Dogs, alleges PFA


By Our Correspondent

BHUBANESWAR: People For Animal State Secretary  Jiban Ballav Das on Friday alleged about a massive irregularities in ABC (Dogs) programme. In a press release, Das mentioned that Animal Birth Control(Dogs) programme under BMC areas has been going on since last 15 years by BMC and Sahid Nagar Veterinary clinic found no visible success. Thousands of litters coming up in and around BMC areas have become a great concern as they dying due to accident.

The population now in a state of alarming condition even after 15 years of continuous ABC(Dogs) programme. We are getting daily calls from public about the death of puppies, dogs due to accident in different manner. Due to over population man animal conflicts increasing.  People also killing dogs and puppies by beating, kicking, overriding with an idea that they are dangerous for them. This is only due to failure of the programme which resulting over population.

The programme going on violating the rules of ABC(Dogs) of Govt. of India many ways. In this regard we have written to Commissioner, BMC, Urban department, deptt. of FARD. But nobody takes the issue seriously. The dogs taken for sterilisation not giving proper post operation care and food is not given properly for which many dogs death noticed.

 Some animal lovers also visited to the saheed nagar vet clinic to witness ABC(Dogs) operation but found negligence of animals. One animal lover done under cover and exposed the facts behind the ABC(Dogs) programme where animals are killed due to negligence. In this regard I have brought the notice of  Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Urban Department. Commissioner-cum-Secretary Department of FARD, Commissioner, BMC.

Earlier there was also instance of misappropriation of fund allocated for ABC(Dogs). One Dr.Sashi Bhusan Swain, who was in-charge of Nodal officer for ABC(Dogs) misappropriate huge money and found guilty when departmental enquiry done against him. So there are many factors for the failure of the programme.

For the transparency and successful implementation of ABC(Dogs) programme should be taken under 5T the new initiative of our hon’ble CM. In this regard I have written to the Secretary 5T V.K.Pandiyan. Some under cover pictures clearly shows that the programme going on very carelessly.

No proper vet care, no proper feeding, relocation for which many innocent dogs are killed. Animal lovers demanding to stop this programme unless implemented properly following ABC(Dogs) rules of Govt. of India which is a clear guide for successful implementation of the programme which will end man animal conflicts and provide healthy environment, Das added.


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