RRAG demands Judicial Probe into Telangana Police encounter


By Our Correspondent

NEW DELHI: The Rights and Risks Analysis Group (RRAG) demanded a judicial inquiry into custodial death of the four accused in an alleged encounter this morning and handing over of the investigation into veterinarian’s rape and murder case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

All four accused in Telangana veterinarian’s rape and murder i.e. Mohammed (26), Jollu Shiva (20), Jollu Naveen (20) and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu (20) were in judicial custody and killed in an alleged encounter, at 3:30am this morning. The officials claimed that the accused were allegedly taken to the crime scene for recreation of the incident when they tried to escape and police resorted to firing, leading to their death.

“All the deceased accused were in judicial custody and irrespective of the manner of their deaths, it is a custodial death and a judicial inquiry as per Section 176(1A) of the Criminal Procedure Code must be ordered.” – stated Suhas Chakma, Director of the Rights and Risks Analysis Group.

“With the killing of the deceased accused in an alleged encounter, the Telangana Police has lost credibility to conduct fair investigation in the gruesome case of  veterinarian’s rape and murder. The investigation into the offence has not been completed and must not be closed down with the killing of the deceased accused. Rather, the case must be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation to find out the truth.”- further stated Chakma. 


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