“Wall of Sharing” initiative launched on Green Action Week in Berhampur


 By Our Correspondent

BERHAMPUR: A Wall of Sharing practice platform has been inaugurated by Kailash Das a rickshaw puller of Berhampur city in the presence of Commissioner Chakravarti Singh Rathore, Berhampur Municipal Corporation designed by Youth for Social Development, a local NGO in Berhampur. The ‘Wall of Sharing’ is a simple concept that’s fast catching up across India. The message on the wall is plain and clear – “If you have something in excess, leave it here. What you need, take from here.” People from all walk of the society come and donate their belongings near the wall and the ones in need, pick up things for their use.

In Berhampur at Old Bus Stand, similar demonstration model has been initiated by the Youth for Social Development in partnership with the Berhampur Municipal Corporation. The wall, painted green and white has a wood rack, highlighting the black text message: Take if you need, put if you have. 

Sharing among human beings has existed since the earliest civilisation. Humans are hard-wired to share and be social animals. The barter system might have been the earliest form of sharing. From sharing content and media online, Internet has now enabled people to share physical things like homes, vehicles, appliances, furniture, etc with each other. Earlier, people preferred buying from big brands but are now considering pre-owned and refurbished options; people gradually looking at alternative options of sharing or renting a car only when required and people shares/unwanted/unused things could be used by someone who needs (through wall of sharing) these are few examples have now become mainstream and are a part of our daily lives.

Youth for Social Development started a campaign on the theme “Sharing Community: on Green Action Week -2019. YSD is working to create an environment which enables the citizens of Berhampur and their municipal government to better understand the concept of collaborative consumption. They are bringing together the city’s inhabitants, as well as stakeholders from government, business, environmental activists, civil society and the media to spread the idea and practice of sharing community in their lifestyles. In its inauguration many civil society organization like Robin Hood Army, Coalition against Corruption and environment and social activities are presented and shred used goods like books and clothes etc.   


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