Rs 8.50 crore for development of Baladevjew Temple in Kendrapara


    By Our Correspondent

    BHUBANESWAR/KENDRAPARA: A sum of Rs 8.50 crore will be spent for the development of famous Baladevjew Temple in Kendrapara district and the grand road in front.

    The Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik had a high-level meeting on Tuesday evening with Kendrapara MP, MLA, District Collector, Temple Trust Members, and the Servitors through Video Conferencing. Chief Secretary, Chief Advisor CMO, Secretary to CM (5-T) and Secretary Works were present in the meeting.

    Odisha CM had visited the temple in July this year on the day of ‘Snana Purnima’. The servitors of the temple and general people had apprised the CM on different issues relating to the temple.

    Today’s meeting decided to develop the temple, which is famous as Tulasi Kshetra, to an attractive religious tourist site. In the meeting, it has been decided that the Baldevjew Temple and its premises will be decorated with an attractive lighting system. Both sides of the grand road will also have a striking lighting system.

    Other decisions include the development of a spiritual park in the town, renovation of the heritage tank, conservation of ancient monuments, development of drainage system and strengthening of temple security.

    The Chief Minister has directed the officers to maintain the quality of the projects and complete them before the next car festival. Besides, he had also sought the cooperation of the people of Kendrapara for the success of these development projects.The servitors thanked the Chief Minister for this significant development plan for the temple.

    Baladev Jew Temple is situated in Ichhapur (Tulasi Khetra) in Kendrapara in Odisha. Baladevjew Temple is a very famous temple of Odisha and Balarama is its main divinity. However, Jagannath and Subhadra are also worshipped in the Ratna Sinhasan in the main temple. An idol representing Tulasi as a goddess in a seated position is also present after the sacred Seven Steps.

    The present shrine of Siddha Baladeva Jew was constructed during the Maratha rule in Orissa (1761 AD) of Ichhapur (Kendrapara). It was constructed by the king of Kujanga, Raja Gopal Sandha and Zamidar (landlord) of Chhedara killah, Srinivas Narendra Mahapatra. One saint (Santha) Gopi Das and Sairatak Giri convinced the then Maratha Chief Janoji and constructed the Jagamohan, Bhoga Mandapa of the main temple, temple of Gundicha and compound wall.

    It is believed that Khan-I-Duran, the subedar of Odisha during the Moghul Emperor Aurangeb demolished the temple in 1661 and built a mosque on the remains of the temple. Devotees of Lord Baladev Jeu, took the deity in disguise in a boat through the river Govari and kept the deity in a secret place near Baranga (Chhedara) Jungle. Afterwards it was shifted to Balarampur village near Luna river at Sakhi Bata. Later it was transferred to the present day Icchapur temple.

    Baladevjew Temple is constructed over an area of 2 acres (0.81 ha) of land. There are 2 parts in the total area. In one part, different temples are there and the other part is a beautiful garden. There is a boundary around the temple, 46 feet (14 m) high.


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