Devotees make beeline to Sakhigopal Temple in Odisha’s Puri


By Our Correspondent

PURI: Tens of thousands of devotees from across the State and outside were on Tuesday gathered at the Sakhigopala Temple formally known as Satyabadi Gopinatha Temple at Sakhigopal on the Puri Bhubaneshwar National Highway in Odisha on the occasion of Anla Navami-Shri Radha Pada Darshan.

Since morning a large number of people standing in queue were seen at the Temple’s main gate while tight security arrangements have been made for the smooth darshan of devotees. Sakhigopala Temple formally known as Satyabadi Gopinatha Temple is a medieval temple dedicated to Lord Gopinatha  is built in the Kalinga style of temple architecture.

Anla Navami is observed on the ninth day of the waxing phase of the moon (Kartik Shukla Nabami) during the Kartik month (October – November). This Nabami ritual is mainly followed in Odisha. On this day pujas and rituals are offered to Anla Plant.

Awala is also known as Dhatri and thus the worship is essential for prosperity and auspiciousness.The Amla fruit ripens during the period and therefore it is also a sort of thanksgiving to Nature. The medicinal and therapeutic value of Awala is very famous and is used in India for various medicinal purposes especially in Ayurveda.

The day is observed as Anla Navami in Odisha. Anla Navami ritual is mainly performed by women in Odisha. The day is of great significance at the Sakhigopal Temple near Puri. On this day devotees get the darshan of the feet of the idol of Radha in the temple.

Anla Nabami Mela is also organised during the period in Puri. The popular belief is that during the Kartik month gods and sages reside on the Awala Tree. Therefore worshipping Amla during the period can help in destroying sins and in fulfilling wishes. The Puranas also equate Awala Tree with Goddess Lakshmi.


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