IMFA celebrates 73rd Independence Day at Choudwar


By Our Correspondent

CHOUDWAR/BHUBANESWAR: The 73rd Independence Day was celebrated in the premises of The BIPF School in Choudwar in Cuttack.

The occasion was graced with honourable Chairman of the school Shri TC Hota. With the national flag flying high, the ambience boomed with the slogans of patriotism, and the children were inspired by the themes of Independence,  our national flag, and what the national song stands for, being vividly explained by a rapid discussion between the students and our Chairman, who no just left his seat, for interacting with the inquisitive minds, but also shared with them his childhood memories.

Namashree Pati, the Headmistress of the school further inspired the students, by giving them a bird’s eye view, of what the new India entails for them, and what could they themselves contribute towards a growing India.

The programme also witnessed the tiny toys dancing to the tunes of patriotic songs, and the programme ended with sweets distribution to the children.


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