With intelligence sharing, India-Pakistan ties acquiring new layers


NEW DELHI: With reports that Pakistan’s security authorities “shared” advance intelligence with India on terrorists possibly entering India to carry out attacks, the India-Pakistan bilateral relationship is acquiring new layers and facets, since this would be a rare occurence. If another terror attack from Pakistan is even remotely successful in the coming days, the two countries could be entering tough territory and Modi’s government would be under greater domestic pressure.

When NSA Ajit Doval and foreign secretary S. Jaishankar met their Pakistani counterparts, Nasir Khan Janjua and Aizaz Ahmed in bangkok on December 6, the two countries started a conversation on security/terrorism issues that was supposed to run parallel to the official MEA-led dialogue. It was supposed to revive the Ufa understanding which went up in smoke last year. PM Narendra Modi’s unannounced visit to Lahore on Nawaz Sharif’s birthday appeared to set the stage for a new chapter where Modi would be in control of the narrative.

Source : TOI


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